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Basic and Clinical Science

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Sponsored by: The Southern Society for Pediatric Research

This prestigious award showcases the highest calibre of academic and scholarly enterprise in our region. The mission of our society is to foster these young investigators with mentorship, guidance and preparation to present their work at National and International forums.  

The Young Investigator Awards represent the best abstracts submitted for our annual meeting. They have received the highest scores by our reviewers.


Three finalists are selected from both the basic and clinical science categories who are then asked to submit a manuscript of their work prior to the meeting, which is also scored by the judges. 


Finally, all finalists deliver oral presentations during the Plenary Session of the SSPR annual meeting. One winner is selected from each group and awarded a plaque as well as a monetary prize to help offset cost of travel.


Studies should address a clinical or basic science problem, either diagnostic or therapeutic, with relevance to the field of pediatrics and should interest an audience of pediatric physicians/ scientists.


Any student, resident, fellow or junior faculty is eligible for the Young Investigator competition who:

  • has performed the major portion of the investigation no later than 5 years following completion of a fellowship or postgraduate training

  • wishes to report on a problem related to pediatrics

  • has demonstrated that the work is scientifically important

  • has a sponsor who is a member of the SSPR

  • has been directly responsible for the majority of the work presented (as corroborated by a Senior Investigator or Sponsor letter) 

Willis-Clinical YIA_edited.jpg


Please indicate on your abstract submission if you would like to apply for this award.


A letter from the senior investigator or sponsor that includes a statement that the work was performed by the nominee and fully addresses the role the candidate had in the work is required.

Finalists will be required to submit a draft manuscript of their work in January. This is not expected to be the final draft for publication, nor will we publish it. It is meant to evaluate the finalists ability to synthesize their work product into a manner to be disseminated to the scientific community

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