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David Oelberg Honorary Trainee Travel Award

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Sponsored by: Reckitt/Mead Johnson Nutrition

Dr. David Oelberg, SSPR Officer-Emeritus, is an outstanding member of the SSPR who served in a variety of roles during his many years of service and leadership. His legacy and contributions to the mission of the SSPR are memorialized by this award. 


  • The candidate must be a student, resident, or fellow.

  • They must be the first author/presenter of the abstract accepted for presentation.

  • Candidates MUST be an SSPR member or have a sponsor who is an SSPR member.


  • Trainees that are candidates for the SSPR Young Investigator Awards will automatically be entered in this competition.

  • No separate application is required.


Two $500 Travel Stipends are awarded to the top two trainee abstracts that are not Young Investigator finalists to help facilitate travel to the annual SSPR meeting. 

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